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NewsPro is the first consumer service to help you monetize your video!


National/World level Breaking News

This is the lotto ticket each NewsPro Buzz App user carries on their smartphone!

If you happen to be at the right place at the right time, NewsPro will help you capitalize. Many people simply post compelling video to YouTube or Facebook – without much (if any) financial return.

NewsPro changes all that. If you have something special, we will partner with you to license your video on the Media Beach Global marketplace where it can quickly be made available to top tier news organizations worldwide. Media Beach supports both fixed price and auction based licensing – where video goes to the highest bidder. Experienced NewsPro staff will work with you to determine the optimal monetary strategy on a case by case basis. Rewards can be significant, as Networks compete fiercely for breaking news!

Selling Local Content

Few videos are compelling enough to warrant world attention. NewsPro, however, also helps you monetize content of local interest by allowing you to request payment for video taken at local events and happenings. Local media outlets with websites and Facebook pages have an insatiable thirst for fresh, compelling regional content. The Buzz App lets you set a price of $20 or $50 for local media outlets to license your video. This full amount is automatically transferred to your PayPal account at the time of purchase.


Sharing Content

Most video shot with the Buzz App will simply be shared with local Media outlets and other Buzz App users. Shared content can be used free of charge by local Media for posting on their websites or shown on television.

Media outlets can solicit content via the App itself, which lists requests for coverage of upcoming events of interest. Users may “tag” their video to a specific event – potentially taking part in contests or other media promotions.

What’s Up?

The Buzz App provides a good way to keep abreast of goings on in your community:

All videos submitted are available for viewing by other App users from your specific region

The App’s Upcoming Event list shows community events happening in your hometown today – as well as which ones are of specific interest to local media outlets